Specialty neigborhood grocer

Greensboro - Our First Location!  The Fresh Market got its start 25 years ago on March 8, 1982 in Greensboro, North Carolina. Founded by Ray and Beverly Berry, The Fresh Market was the fulfillment of a dream; to develop a better grocery store that brought back the feeling of open European style markets. Smaller, service oriented and focused on perishable goods, the 14,000 sq. ft. store with 50 employees at the corner of Lawndale Drive and Pisgah Church Road was just that. The small store with loose produce, vitamins, bulk foods and freshly roasted coffee in bins stood in stark contrast to conventional grocery stores at the time where foods had increasingly become industrialized and the stores bigger and sterile.  Over the past 25 years, The Fresh Market has grown because of our dedication to our customers who enjoy the same high quality and amiable service we do. With a growing national market, we continue to focus on stellar customer service and strive to keep the specialty neighborhood grocer feeling that our customers have grown to love.  Located on Commons Drive  in Destin - 850.650.0989

Source:  The Fresh Market

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